Episode 6: Buick Music

Some may call it easy listening, we call it Buick music. Rather than pick one artist this time, our topic is a bit more nebulous and broad. In this episode we are discussing non-rock music pre 1970 and I think we succeeded in bringing you a who’s who of entertainers. Some you liklely know well, some you’ve never heard of, and perhaps some you never want to hear again (but hopefully not). In addition, we added a new twist. We not only recorded this live from GrooveGround in Collingswood, NJ but we also picked the album from their selection of vinyl and listened to this cold. Yes, the reactions and commentary on this album are genuinely from two guys hearing an album for the first time. We hop you enjoy this exploration into the sounds of yesteryear.

Many thanks to Chris and Mike for allowing us to record at their place of business and to Colin for setting it all up. If you like coffee, music, vinyl, and if you are in the Collingswood, NJ area, please check them out.




Coming Soon: Episode 7

It’s been a while and thanks to the high octane coffee and music from GrooveGround in Collingswood, we are set to bring you our next episode soon. To mix things up a little Jim and I purchased an album at GrooveGround and listened to it cold for the first time. Keep a look out for it.

Episode 6: 1984


In keeping with the theme of our last episode, Ken has decided to delve into the year in music of 1984. It’s full of jokes with obscure references, “nostalgia” references, and low on actual high brow content. But hey, give it a listen anyway.


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Episode 5: 1979

In this long overdue episode of Off The Record, the ball is given to Jim who runs with it taking listeners on a musical tour of 1979 with a selection of Jim’s favorite albums from that year. It’s classic Jim.

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