Technical Difficulties Resolved

We here at Off the Record: A Vinyl Podcast are happy to say our technical issues with iTunes have been resolved… for the time being. The solution is a little round about and taking the the long way around, requiring the use of a couple different hosts but it seems to be working the way intended. So, for the foreseeable future, fans of the podcast (yes, we are hoping it’s pleural) have multiple options for listening.

Option 1: As always you can listen right here on our website / blog and subscribe to be updated when new episodes post.

Option 2: You can once again find our podcast on iTunes at…

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Thanks for your patience and giving us the time to get things fully back up and running. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or criticisms please do not hesitate to use the contact form to send us a message.

Rock on,


Ken and Jim


Episode 3: Elvis Costello- Get Happy


Episode 3 finds us with a couple of firsts. We have talked about doing the podcast on location from its inception and we have done so with this podcast. Recorded live at Bob & Barbara’s in Philadelphia, home of the “The Special” or “Citywide Special” and great live music. We had long time friend Bob Dicks on the podcast to discuss his favorite Elvis Costello album, “Get Happy”. Bob is a phenomenal artist, veteran of the Philadelphia music scene writing and singing with bands like The Shambles and Strychnine Divine, and music coordinator for Bob & Barbara’s. I have to say, I think this is our best podcast so far. Bob is an encyclopedia of music knowledge and the discussion has a great mix of humor, tangents, and on topic conversation. Enjoy.

PS: You may have noticed our previous two episodes are unavailable. Apparently we quickly reached our limit of storage on SoundCloud. What can I say, I’m cheap and still one have the free plan. It looks like I will have to upgrade my plan to get more space and those episodes back.

Coming Soon, episode 3

A big thanks to Bob Dicks (@bobdix1) for being our guest on episode 3 of Off The Record: A Vinyl Podcast and allowing us to record on location at #BobandBarbaras. Stay tuned, episode 3 will be posted as soon as post production is completed.

Episode 1: Fair Warning

To the hardcore VH fan, the choice for our favorite VH album may not come as any surprise, but to the casual listener, it may raise an eyebrow. So sit back and enjoy our discussion and reasoning as to why this is the best Van Halen album of all time, in our humble opinion.

Some additional disclaimers specifically to this Podcast. Due to technical difficulties the volume between the music and our vocal tracks could not be edited separately. Additionally, despite what is stated towards the end, this is not on youtube. You may follow the link to our blog page and submit any questions, comments, complaints, or threats through there.