Off the Record: A Vinyl Podcast is aimed at discussing our favorite music and albums over the years in a relaxed (OK, very relaxed) setting. In addition to our picks, we further look to have on local guests who can bring in their favorites from time to time.



Off the Record is completely written (or ad libbed), produced, and distributed by Ken and Jim and it shows. They are two life long friends, band mates, and just regular guys who enjoy not only music but also discussions, debates, and a good drink to go along with it all.

Some obligatory disclaimers to note. Our podcast is low on research and said production. So please keep that in mind and take it with a hug grain of salt when listening. As such, bear in mind that technical issues will likely not be edited out either because we can’t or don’t know how. We hope this adds a bit or realism to our show. Also keep in mind that while we do own these albums on vinyl, for ease of production we are listening to either a CD or mp3 during the show.

We hope everyone enjoys these podcasts as much as we enjoy making them.