Episode 2: Pink Floyd / Meddle / Wish You Were Here


What could be better than discussing one Pink Floyd Album? Why discussing two albums of course. Jim and I delve into the progressive sonic foundries of both Meddle and Wish You Were Here.

Disclaimer: Jim and I apologize for some long gaps in discussion. Even when talking about the albums, it’s still hard not to zone out at times.



Episode 1: Fair Warning

To the hardcore VH fan, the choice for our favorite VH album may not come as any surprise, but to the casual listener, it may raise an eyebrow. So sit back and enjoy our discussion and reasoning as to why this is the best Van Halen album of all time, in our humble opinion.

Some additional disclaimers specifically to this Podcast. Due to technical difficulties the volume between the music and our vocal tracks could not be edited separately. Additionally, despite what is stated towards the end, this is not on youtube. You may follow the link to our blog page and submit any questions, comments, complaints, or threats through there.